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The photo gallery is designed to showcase Sacred Sites Research (SSR) projects and the individuals who have been part of those projects. The primary goal of SSR is to document, evaluate, and analyze North American rock art sites. We complete funded projects for federal and state agencies and non-funded projects, often at sites on private land. Examples of both kinds of projects are shown in the photo gallery.

Tres Nietos

Kendra Rodgres (below), Tim Dodson (above) and Larry Loendorf (back) recording at the Tres Nietos site, near Trinidad, Colorado
Recording at Tres Nietos
Flute player petroglyph at the Tres Nietos site, Trinidad, Colorado. This is the most eastern example of the flute player petroglyph in Colorado
Flute Player

Red House Tank

Leonard Kemp photographing a petroglyph panel at the Red House Tank site, New Mexico.  The petroglyphs are on flat limestone surfaces where most of them face upward toward the sky.
Photographing Petroglyph Panel
Drawing of Panel three at the Red House Tank site in southern New Mexico. The elaborate petroglyph is on a flat surface facing upward.
Panel 3 Drawing


Sara Scott and Linda Olson tracing Panel 23 at the Musselshell site, north central Montana. The tracing was used with a field sketch and photographs to create an accurate representation of the figures on the panel
Tracing Panel 23
Greg White working with a Gigipan camera at the Musselshell site, Montana. The camera is set to take multiple photographs that are combined into an overall view
Gigipan Camera
Bonita Newman measuring a petroglyph panel at the Musselshell site, Montana
Measuring a Petroglyph Panel
Finished drawing of Panel 23 at the Musselshell site, Montana. The final version was made from photographs, the panel tracing, and the panel drawing.
Finished Drawing of Panel 23
Completed drawing for Panel 26 at the Musselshell site, Montana
Completed drawing for Panel 26

Lookout Cave

The outer chamber of Lookout Cave, Montana with Larry Loendorf taking notes and Laurie white recording a panel
Outer Chamber
Drawing of Panel 10 at Lookout Cave. Several figures on the panel were only found through DStretch
Drawing of Panel 10

JE Canyon

Identifying bedrock metates for measurements
Identifying Bedrock Metates
Bedrock metates across the top of the rock surface at a JE Canyon Ranch, Colorado petroglyph site
Bedrock Metates
Cheryl Damon is examining the bedrock metates at the Hunter’s Delight site
Examining Bedrock Metates
The Hunter’s Delight petroglyph panel
Hunter’s Delight Petroglyph


Overview of the two panels at the Grapevine Rockshelter site, southern New Mexico
Overview of 2 Panels
Laurie White drawing the rock art at the Grapevine Rockshelter, New Mexico
Drawing Rock Art
Panel drawing showing the detail in the panel. The painting is small with interconnected figures that appear to have been made at the same time to convey a message
Panel Drawing
Enahnced view of the main scene in the Grapevine Rockshelter, New Mexico
Main Scene

Castle Gardens

The Castle Gardens site in central Wyoming
Open to the Public
Laurie White is measuring a panel of Castle Gardens petroglyphs
Measuring a Panel of Petroglyphs
Tracing Shield Figures
Tracing Shield Figures
Zigzag Man
Zigzag Man

Canyon de Chelly

Handprint in Canyon de Chelly
Measuring Handprint
An example of protected anthropomorphs and handprints
Wallpaper Cave
An anthropomorph and well-preserved handprints
Anthropomorph and handprint

Brown Sheep Camp

Brown Sheep Camp barn in southeastern Colorado
Painting by Sheep Herders
Kendra Rodgers completing a panel drawing in the Brown Sheep Camp barn
Kendra Rodgers
Ann Phillips is completing a panel drawing
Ann Phillips
Painting of Panel 14
Painting of Panel 14
Drawing of Panel 14
Drawing of Panel 14
A woman’s head on the Brown Sheep Camp wall
Drawing of Woman's Head
Panel drawing showing a woman’s head
Panel Drawing

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